Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Consumer (Up)grade

Almost three months ago I wrote about our wireless router that had been in the process of dying a slow death for months. On Monday Linzy had finally had enough and demanded that I stop making both myself and her suffer with a known-to-be-malfunctioning router.

So today the new router arrived in the mail and after about 15 minutes of work to install and configure the new router the difference is night and day. I knew there would be a difference, but at the same time I was somewhat concerned in the back of my mind that the problem was actually the ~9 year old cable modem sitting right next to the router and I would be spending money on nothing.

But today we proved that it was completely the router at fault. No more having to try to load pages repeatedly every 15-30 minutes and/or reboot the router every few days. I should have bucked up and bought a replacement months ago. Not that I am saying I was wrong and Linzy was right. Not at all.

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