Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cover Band

Linzy and I were watching TV tonight and an ad came on for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tour. As the tour dates scrolled by and went on and on, I started to wonder how they were fitting all those dates in the two months until Christmas. Then I started noticing dates showing up twice in multiple cities.

A closer inspection thanks to the DVR confirmed that there are apparently two separate orchestras touring as part of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra winter 2010 tour. That seems kind of strange.

Admittedly they aren't really known as something you go to see a particular virtuoso player, and I can't name a single member of the band. On the other hand I'm not exactly a fan, so perhaps a fan would know people and be disappointed if they ended up with the 'B' squad orchestra.

All of this begs the question of when going to see this stops being going to see 'Trans-Siberian Orchestra' and start becoming going to see a Trans-Siberian Orchestra cover band?


Bill Roehl said...

It's typical for any similar touring act to have a travel squad which ends up in small markets like MSP. It's not like the actual Rockets come here to perform for us every year.

Steve Eck said...

Yeah, I didn't think of the Rockettes. Good point.

It still seems a little strange in the context of a band, although I guess that would then be a debate as to whether Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a band or an orchestra made up of relatively nameless members (i.e. that you don't go to see lead guitarist XXXX), but just to hear their music.