Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dubious Honor

Long Beach Trip 035Last week I got a letter in the mail containing what amounts to a rather dubious honor: gold frequent flier status. That brings with it very few real benefits because in reality it is a pittance compared to how much some people travel, and to me just amounts to a reminder about being away from home too much.

Strangely this year was the first year that I hit 50,000 miles even though I actually flew far less miles then I did last year. While I took more trips this year they were much shorter (four that hit the minimum of 500 miles per flight), and it was only the miles that I carried over from last year that allowed me to squeak past 50k miles for the year (51,977 to be exact).

Anyways, this year I was away on business for a total of 37 nights:

Jan: 5 nights (Boston)
May: 5 nights (San Francisco and Appleton)
June: 3 nights (Appleton)
July: 5 nights (Appleton)
August: 3 nights (Denver)
September: 13 nights (Omaha and India)
October: 3 nights (San Jose)

37 nights is pretty comparable to last year's 36 nights. In 2008 it was only 29 nights, while 2007 was the highest at 44 nights.

The unfortunate part is that the trips continue to be packed into the summer and fall, which is of course the best time to be in Minnesota. Surprisingly few clients in Hawaii have emergencies in February, I guess.

This year the trips were generally shorter then they have been in the past, something I think will probably continue. Over the next year it seems unlikely that I'll be as lucky with nearby clients, but I would expect the overall amount of time away to be similar even if the flights are longer.

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