Monday, November 15, 2010


I mentioned a few weeks ago about my disappointment when my Shure headphones stopped working, or at least when one half of the headphones stopped working. I forgot to mention last week that I was actually able to repair them. Sort of.

Since they were more-or-less unusable in their current state, I decided to get aggressive with my repair plan, and after searching through my toolbox for a while found a few screwdrivers and miscellaneous tools that were long and thin enough to stick into the ear bud through the sound canal. After messing around for a bit, I managed to pull out a really small foam piece that was wedged in the canal. I assume to protect the speaker.

But after removing the foam the sound was much loud, perhaps it had gotten dirty over time. In fact, removing the foam made the right earbud so much louder that I ended up having to remove the foam from the left earbud as well to make them the same volume again.

Unfortunately the foam was so small I couldn't really clean it or anything, and I ended up losing one of the pieces in the process of trying to clean it. So now I'm just going without the foam and everything seems good. I was quite happy to have the headphones back and operational. We'll see how long they last unprotected by microscopic foam pads.

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