Tuesday, November 30, 2010

False Alarm

After discussing it with Linzy, I didn't go to today's doctors appointment. We have three a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday), and based on our results from the end of last week the message was that we were going to be making it closer to week 39 than originally thought. So the plan (Linzy suggested/approved I might add) was to only go to the Wednesday and Friday appointments this week.

Originally, I was thinking that just to be safe I would drive in to work on the off chance that something unexpected happened. But then I was running late and with the ice/snow this morning I figured the roads would be a mess. So I decided that if I drove I wouldn't have made it to the office in time for my first meeting, and rode the bus instead.

As it turned out, this appointment the baby passed with flying colors, but Linzy herself had some things that concerned them, and so got sent right over to labor & delivery. Since this was at 3:15pm there were no buses, so I got to take the $60 cab ride from downtown to Lakeville.

Luckily everything checked out just fine after more detailed tests and so we were sent back home to keep baking the baby. Perhaps we'll find out more at the remaining appointments this week. Then again, perhaps not as the doctors can be certainly be what might politely be referred to as 'cagey'. Things would definitely be termed day-to-day at this point though.

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