Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Greatest

This week is the 24th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros, and I saw in an interview the creator of the Super Mario games (and Zelda and a bunch of others, of course) Shigeru Miyamoto said that his favorite Super Mario game was Super Mario World. I couldn't agree more.

I've enjoyed countless hours of Super Mario games, including Bill and I spending hours and hours playing through Super Mario 1 in college, but Super Mario World stands out clearly as my favorite. It is the game that finally made me sell my Sega Genesis (which I had sold my NES for), because it looked so awesome in Nintendo Power. Why, exactly, I was still getting Nintendo Power despite having sold my NES I don't recall, but nonetheless the write-ups and then watching the game play on a demo system sold me on converting back to Nintendo.

Super Mario World took the map and secrets from Super Mario 3 to the next level, added the cape and Yoshi to the mix, and added all sorts of new challenges and platforming goodness. I liked being able to pick my way around the map and being able to tell (or guess) that there was some other exit from a given level, and then spending tons of time trying to figure out where it was.

Because of its length, I've only played through Super Mario World completely twice. But thanks to Nintendo's complete lack of shame about selling me games I already own for new systems, I'm sure that I'll play it again at some point. And there's always the SNES sitting down in the basement that might be begging for a bit of retro gaming.

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