Wednesday, November 10, 2010


After a really busy September and early October, the last few weekends have been a bit more laid back. We even found time to watch a few movies together, although most of the ones on the list below were entertainment for the elliptical machine.

The Runaways - I knew very little about the Runaways, and after watching the movie I didn't really learn that much more about them. I did, however, learn that Kristin Stewart is a freaky Joan Jett-doppelganger. It was almost disturbing how much she looked and moved like Joan Jett. The story turned out to be pretty boring for a drug and sex filled dramatization of rock-and-roll band's rise and fall. I did get a Joan Jett album afterwards though, so I guess that part of the marketing worked.

Iron Man 2 - Linzy and I watched this. She liked it, I was bored. Some funny parts and cool special effects, and also some really predictable parts where the story just got mired in boringness.

The Losers - Linzy and I watched this the following weekend and both heartily enjoyed it. As far as I can recall, I had never heard of it until Netflix recommended it, but they turned out to be spot on. There was over-the-top violence, humorous dialogue, and telekenetic bullets!

Idiocracy - Recommended to me by a friend years ago when I made a comment about 'someday' having kids, and it just finally made it to the top of the queue. An interesting premise, but the actual movie left quite a bit to be desired.

Godfather 2 - A follow-up to my enjoyment of watching the Godfather last month. So good. I will admit to some boredom during the trip to Cuba part of the movie. Oh, but the end is well done.

Kick-Ass - Linzy and I watched this, and both enjoyed it. I was quite concerned that she wouldn't, but she was able to enjoy the humor in a misfit trying to be a superhero. I really enjoyed the story and fight scenes, though am shocked that Hit Girl's parents let her do the movie. Yikes. I will absolutely see the sequel.

Claymore - An anime series that I had never heard of until Netflix recommended it with four stars. I've watched three episodes so far and am enjoying it. Not perhaps quite as much as I enjoy things like Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, but on par with many of the other series I've watched over the years.

It Might Get Loud - This is a documentary on the electric guitar featuring Edge from U2, Jimmy Page and Jack White. I intended to watch only the first hour while exercising and then finish it later this week, but instead I found myself watching the whole thing in one sitting. I'm not exactly sure what was so interesting, because they jumped around a lot and only covered random bits of history about the careers as guitarists of all three. But nonetheless I was entertained.

Looking back at this list and the last few months' list, somewhere a Netflix scientist should be getting a fat bonus for his recommendation engine.

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