Sunday, November 28, 2010


DSC_5938Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I like any reason to have a few free days off work and spend time with family and friends, but Thanksgiving for some reason has a special place in my heart. Strangely I think it is at least partially because of the association with the start of the holiday season, and the lead up to Christmas (my favorite holiday). But I do enjoy Thanksgiving on its own merits as well.

This year we stayed close to home, which was fortunate since the weather wasn't all that nice on Wednesday. We spent Thursday at my parents house having a good time, watching some football and eating way too much delicious food.

The rest of the weekend was laid back and filled with miscellaneous chores around the house trying to get all the last minute things done for the baby and some shopping. We were able to avoid the crowds for the most part, which I didn't mind at all. On the baby front we had our 37 week ultrasound and things there are going better then they were last week. So the waiting game continues. Week 38 (Friday Dec 3rd) is possibility, and the latest we would go is Week 39 (Friday Dec 10th).

Linzy, the baby, and Pippen waiting for dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

Skyping with Sarah, John and Evie

Mom and Dad


Anonymous said...

Would you leave your baby with that very questionable looking Grandma???

Mr Lonely said...

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Steve Eck said...

Mom, That's my favorite picture of all of them, you two look so happy!