Monday, November 08, 2010

Undamaged Goods

IMG_1877Last month I ranted about the problems we were having getting a crib delivered undamaged, and the absolute crap packing job that company did. After the second (or third depending on how you count) damaged item came we declared that company dead to us and moved on to another crib.

After about six weeks of waiting for it to be made, it finally arrived a few weeks ago and the difference in packing was night and day. The new crib came in pristine condition thanks to custom styrofoam ends holding each piece perfectly in place, extra pieces ensuring everything stayed exactly where it was, and thin foam wrap around everything as (apparently) triple insurance. In short, it was exactly how you would do things if you actually cared about how things looked when they arrived.

The dresser that was also ordered was similarly carefully packed, even though it is a solid wood monster. Wven then, there were extra cardboard spacers to ensure the corners were protected, and a second wood bottom to protect the bottom of the feet from damage. Just in case, I guess.

We were getting a little nervous as things continued to drag on, since we were originally quoted up to 10 weeks for the Young America/Stanley factory to make them. But now that they are here and came in perfect condition, everyone is happy. And that's very important at this point.

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