Monday, November 22, 2010

Well Covered

A few weekends ago I spent some time installing the car seat base into one of our cars. After testing getting the car seat in and out, I ended up leaving the car seat in the car for Linzy to see. She tested it out later and afterwards we decided to just leave it in the car since that's where it will be needed eventually anyways. One less thing to forget to bring to the hospital, was the theory.

That night we had some errands to run and ended up going out to dinner. While getting seated I realized a serious flaw in leaving the car seat in the car: the car seat happened to have a fleece cover over it, that we were testing out to see how it fit. With the cover on, you couldn't see anything in the car seat. And that fully covered seat was left unattended in a parked car.

On the way out, I was explaining our folly to Linzy and joking about how I was expecting to find a horde of people and police surrounding the car concerned about the idiots who had left their baby in the car while going in for a meal. Luckily no one noticed and/or cared (it was a relatively empty restaurant parking lot) and so we were spared trying to explain how our inexperience dealing with car seats didn't mean we were unfit future parents.

While the car seat is still in the car, the covering is now sitting on the seat next to it. So at least we can say we learned our lesson.

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