Sunday, December 26, 2010


DSC_6527Another Christmas has come and gone. The Christmas holiday is among my favorite of the year, but this year I never really got into the swing of things, I suppose because of all the other distractions happening recently. Still, even though I felt unprepared, we had a great holiday.

On Christmas Eve we were able to spend a long time (much longer than I was thinking Elijah would allow us to) with my parents, Sarah, John and Evie. A good dinner, lots of fun presents, and some catching up with each other made for a good evening. Then on Christmas Linzy's parent and Lonny came down from Duluth and my parents came over. That was a good time too, especially watching the grandparents and uncle dote on the newest arrival.

Today Larry, Lonny and I went to see True Grit, which I thought was quite good, while Linzy and Sandy did a little post-Christmas shopping. Now it is back to work, but thankfully only for a short week. Hopefully things will be quiet, so I can spend a little extra time at home. Well, the boy has been screaming in Grandpa Larry's arms for a bit, break time is over!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back to Reality

DSC_6460Today was the final day of my two-week paternity leave at work, so tomorrow morning it is back to the grind. The time off has been very rewarding, although it is certainly nothing that could be construed as a 'vacation'.

I was talking with Linzy at some point and prior to this leave, as near as I can remember the last time I took two weeks of consecutive time off from work was for our wedding and subsequent honeymoon. That too was reasonably stressful, at least until the wedding was over and we were off to San Francisco.

I fully expect the next few weeks to be equally as challenging as the last two have been, as we try to adjust to life with a child and a very full-time job. At least we're easing into things, with two four-day work weeks.

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Friday, December 17, 2010


DSC_6386One of the most common questions we have been asked regarding Elijah's name is whether we are going to be calling him Elijah or Eli. The answer, as it turns out is both, or perhaps neither.

Initially one of the reasons we chose the name was because we liked the shorter version 'Eli'. However once he arrived, I've actually preferred to call him Elijah instead, while Linzy prefers Eli. So either works just fine. As it happens though, over the past few weeks he has also gained two nicknames that are pretty commonly used to refer to the boy.

The first, "The Gator", refers to his crazy extremity flailing efforts to avoid breastfeeding, leading an exasperated Linzy to complain that trying to contain him was like wrestling an alligator. The name, especially as the antics have continued, has stuck in a big way.


The second, "Lord Fussypants", was coined thanks to his frequent refusal to be soothed by ... well ... anything. Too little holding, too much holding, having a soothie pacifier, not having a soothie pacifier, being in the swing, wearing a hat to bed, being cold without the hat on, etc, etc. I was describing it to Linzy as envisioning him sporting a suit, carrying a cane, monocle, and little baby top hat while looking down his snooty nose at all our efforts to appease him.

Hopefully he will grow out of the Fussypants stage, although looking at the description makes me realize that the timeline might be more like 'moved away to college', rather than 'turned a month old'. The Gator, on the other hand, may just stick.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Thing

DSC_6319It is hard to believe that tomorrow Elijah will be two weeks old. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and adjustment, even more-so then I or Linzy were expecting. Mostly in a good way, although sleep around these parts has been fleeting and elusive.

Elijah is settling in, and is busy bending Linzy and I to his will. Between feedings, post-feeding soothing, diaper changes, additional soothing, clothing changes, more soothing, and the few minutes of alert time each day when we can interact with him (usually conveniently scheduled at 3am!), it is painfully apparent just who is in charge in this house. And it isn't Linzy, myself or Pippen.

All of that activity, none of which you might have noticed involved sleeping, means that it has been shockingly hard to do much of anything over the past few weeks. I told Linzy a few days in, after the reality sunk in, that I can relatively reliably accomplish one task each day outside of baby-related things. It might be going to the store for groceries, shoveling the driveway, or exercising, but as much as I might intend to get more done, it won't (or hasn't) happened. Just ask the three towel bars that I unpacked in the boy's bathroom two weeks ago, and have intended to install for the same two weeks.

Similarly, that's been the story with the blog as well, as today was the first day when I managed to squeeze in two (admittedly minor) tasks, shoveling the latest couple of inches of snow from the driveway and blogging. But even then, the crafting of this entry has been interrupted twice.

Next week things will get even harder as I return to work and Linzy tries to handle all of the care that two people were just barely getting accomplished together. She unquestionably has the more difficult assignment.

Luckily Elijah is super cute and we love him a ton, so it is all well worth it.

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Friday, December 03, 2010

Elijah Otto Eck

Elijah Otto Eck was born at 6:42pm on December 3rd. Linzy and Elijah are doing well, and I am a proud Dad!

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