Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back to Reality

DSC_6460Today was the final day of my two-week paternity leave at work, so tomorrow morning it is back to the grind. The time off has been very rewarding, although it is certainly nothing that could be construed as a 'vacation'.

I was talking with Linzy at some point and prior to this leave, as near as I can remember the last time I took two weeks of consecutive time off from work was for our wedding and subsequent honeymoon. That too was reasonably stressful, at least until the wedding was over and we were off to San Francisco.

I fully expect the next few weeks to be equally as challenging as the last two have been, as we try to adjust to life with a child and a very full-time job. At least we're easing into things, with two four-day work weeks.


Bill Roehl said...

Good luck. I was a walking zombie for a month after my two week paternity leave.

King Hub said...

The conversational tone of your blogging gets my attention because you seem to have a knack for communicating everyday life.