Sunday, December 26, 2010


DSC_6527Another Christmas has come and gone. The Christmas holiday is among my favorite of the year, but this year I never really got into the swing of things, I suppose because of all the other distractions happening recently. Still, even though I felt unprepared, we had a great holiday.

On Christmas Eve we were able to spend a long time (much longer than I was thinking Elijah would allow us to) with my parents, Sarah, John and Evie. A good dinner, lots of fun presents, and some catching up with each other made for a good evening. Then on Christmas Linzy's parent and Lonny came down from Duluth and my parents came over. That was a good time too, especially watching the grandparents and uncle dote on the newest arrival.

Today Larry, Lonny and I went to see True Grit, which I thought was quite good, while Linzy and Sandy did a little post-Christmas shopping. Now it is back to work, but thankfully only for a short week. Hopefully things will be quiet, so I can spend a little extra time at home. Well, the boy has been screaming in Grandpa Larry's arms for a bit, break time is over!

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