Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Thing

DSC_6319It is hard to believe that tomorrow Elijah will be two weeks old. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and adjustment, even more-so then I or Linzy were expecting. Mostly in a good way, although sleep around these parts has been fleeting and elusive.

Elijah is settling in, and is busy bending Linzy and I to his will. Between feedings, post-feeding soothing, diaper changes, additional soothing, clothing changes, more soothing, and the few minutes of alert time each day when we can interact with him (usually conveniently scheduled at 3am!), it is painfully apparent just who is in charge in this house. And it isn't Linzy, myself or Pippen.

All of that activity, none of which you might have noticed involved sleeping, means that it has been shockingly hard to do much of anything over the past few weeks. I told Linzy a few days in, after the reality sunk in, that I can relatively reliably accomplish one task each day outside of baby-related things. It might be going to the store for groceries, shoveling the driveway, or exercising, but as much as I might intend to get more done, it won't (or hasn't) happened. Just ask the three towel bars that I unpacked in the boy's bathroom two weeks ago, and have intended to install for the same two weeks.

Similarly, that's been the story with the blog as well, as today was the first day when I managed to squeeze in two (admittedly minor) tasks, shoveling the latest couple of inches of snow from the driveway and blogging. But even then, the crafting of this entry has been interrupted twice.

Next week things will get even harder as I return to work and Linzy tries to handle all of the care that two people were just barely getting accomplished together. She unquestionably has the more difficult assignment.

Luckily Elijah is super cute and we love him a ton, so it is all well worth it.

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That is THE MOST kissable face!