Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Car

Back in June I posted about the Eck car quandary, where our cars were steadily getting older and older but since thanks to their stellar reliability I was having a tough time justifying replacing either of them, much to Linzy's dismay. After months (years?) of trying to figure out exactly what the right plan was, last Saturday I woke up and decided enough was enough and I needed to start solving the problem.

A few hours of research later and I had figured out what I wanted to do, and started convincing Linzy. And by convincing Linzy I mean I said "I think we should get a new car", and her eyes said "Yeah!" even if she pretended to debate it with me for a bit.

From there it was a whirlwind afternoon of arranging for my parents to watch the boy, heading to a dealership, taking our first and only test drive in many years, and then negotiating a deal. By 3 in the afternoon of the same day, it was all over, in rather anticlimactic fashion as there was little drama in the negotiations. I actually took some uncharacteristic pleasure in the negotiations as the dealer used such cliched negotiation tactics it was funny (and ineffective as far as my bottom line was concerned).

Interestingly, in terms of deciding which car to trade in, we ended up going with the gamble option and replaced the 8 year old but relatively speaking new Altima and kept the 10 year old Pathfinder. The theory is that the Pathfinder is plenty reliable for driving me a couple miles a day to the bus stop, and since we actually like that car and dislike the Altima, it didn't make sense to keep a car we don't like. On the other hand, if the Pathfinder starts breaking down regularly in a few months, I'll have made a very, very expensive mistake as I have no tolerance for unreliable cars.

Regardless, Linzy will now be cruising around town in her shiny new CR-V.


Robin said...

what color???

Steve Eck said...

It is a dark grey metallic color. Polished Metal Metallic is the official name. Linzy loves it. :)

akshay said...

congras for a new car dude