Monday, March 21, 2011

Brazilian Beef

My trip to Brazil that was supposed to happen this week and next was canceled at the last minute, last Thursday. While I'm disappointed to not experience South America/Brazil and to not be able to help with the problem which necessitated the trip, I'm certainly not missing being gone from home for two weeks.

I was, however, looking forward to trying the cuisine in Brazil, which is rumored to be quite good. On Friday, this was highlighted when an e-mail chain was started by some co-workers that I was going to meet for dinner while in Sao Paulo discussing just what high-end restaurant we should go to. The decision was for Brazilian Barbecue. Something that was awesome in it's Minnesota imitation, so I can only imagine what the real deal is like. Alas that experience has been postponed, potentially indefinitely.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Over the weekend the popular activity seems to have been attempting to buy Twins tickets. Instead of using some sort of sensible system, such as letting you pick games and buy tickets, instead the Twins used a useless and ineffective virtual line system and a website built out of chewing gum and bailing wire.

My parents spent hours waiting in the virtual line, only to eventually get to the site and still be unable to buy tickets due to high volumes (isn't that what the line was supposed to prevent?). Linzy and I also waited in line, but never moved, until eventually going out and back in got us right into the site around the same time my parent's four hours of waiting got them in.

But then once you got the the actual site I was never able to actually buy tickets. My parents were able to after trying again and again, but my patience ran out after an hour of trying different games and sections over and over, always getting an error message saying that the request couldn't be processed due to high volumes.

Eventually I was so frustrated at the wasted time that I just went and bought the tickets (which were a gift) at Stubhub in about 10 minutes. Sure I paid a gross mark up over tickets that I likely could have just purchased directly from the Twins on the same day, but Stubhub had a website that worked, the Twins did not. And at the end of the day my time was worth that premium.

What is so hard about making a website to buy tickets? Let people pick them, give them a time limit to buy them, and then either complete the sale or put them back in the pool. There is no need for a virtual line, and you certainly should expect when you only allow single game sales on a specific day that there is going to be a flood of people buying tickets. It was sort of like Best Buy being shocked that on Black Friday there were lots of people looking to buy cheap laptops. Seriously, a virtual waiting line?

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nap Time

DSC_7153It's nap time at the Eck household, with Elijah,Linzy, and Pippen all laying down for a rest. Pippen of course, is always eager for a nap, while Elijah is usually only interested for the first 20 minutes but after that it's time for action.

Meanwhile, instead of doing something productive with my free time, I'm using the quiet period to transcode videos for next weekend's work trip to Brazil. And blog. In retrospect, perhaps not the best use of my time.

The trip to Brazil will be my first business trip since October, and the first since Elijah was born. Unfortunately it appears those five travel-free months are coming to a rapid and emphatic end. Interestingly, Linzy says that she is less worried about how her and Elijah will get along without me (Linzy's dad is coming down to help out), as she is about me being in Brazil for two weeks. I think sharing the stories of co-worker's experiences in Venezuela might have been a mistake.

Elijah is a little over three months old now and continues to get more interactive every day. He was also diagnosed with torticollis a few weeks ago, which is basically a neck problem where he prefers to hold his head to one side and tilt his head to opposite side. He's able to move his head with the proper motivation but if left to his own devices will always look to the right. So now he has weekly physical therapy, stretching exercises to complete with each diaper change, and four-times-a-day tummy time sessions. The stretches involve some crying, but the tummy time sessions are when Elijah really gets to exercise his lungs.

Fortunately, despite the heartbreaking crying, we've persevered and there's already been a noticeable improvement. And it doesn't seem to affect his otherwise generally happy mood.

And with that, it sounds like Elijah's had enough nap time, and now it is time for attention.

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