Monday, March 21, 2011

Brazilian Beef

My trip to Brazil that was supposed to happen this week and next was canceled at the last minute, last Thursday. While I'm disappointed to not experience South America/Brazil and to not be able to help with the problem which necessitated the trip, I'm certainly not missing being gone from home for two weeks.

I was, however, looking forward to trying the cuisine in Brazil, which is rumored to be quite good. On Friday, this was highlighted when an e-mail chain was started by some co-workers that I was going to meet for dinner while in Sao Paulo discussing just what high-end restaurant we should go to. The decision was for Brazilian Barbecue. Something that was awesome in it's Minnesota imitation, so I can only imagine what the real deal is like. Alas that experience has been postponed, potentially indefinitely.


Chloe van Dynn said...

Brazilian Beef is tasty. :-)

Scooter said...

ut oh...has your extended time between posts become a permanent hiatus?