Saturday, March 02, 2013


Today while the boy is napping and Linzy is out doing some errands, I was doing the laundry and ironing a few new dress shirts that came out of their initial wash still wrinkly. It reminded me of long ago in junior high economics when we had been given an assignment to do the laundry at home.

My recollection is that I was fine with doing the laundry itself, but adamant that I wasn't going to iron any of my Dad's dress shirts. After all, I said in what I am sure was an imperious tone that only a 14 year old can manage, that's what permanent press means. It's permanently pressed. As long as you use the right cycle and take it out of the dryer while it is still warm and spinning, no ironing required. My parents, who dutifully ironed those shirts every week, disagreed. But, it was my assignment, and so I set about to prove no ironing was required.

Of course, as any lazy laundry-doer would expect, the shirts did indeed come out more-or-less OK without any ironing. Perfect, no, but good enough. And from that point on, my Dad's shirts no longer got ironed each week. With two working parents and two teenage kids, good enough was, just that.

Why exactly being annoyed at having to iron those dress shirts today brought back memories of Junior High, I'm not sure. But I suppose I should say "Sorry Dad" and "You're welcome, Mom".

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